Sample Lesson Style 1


Programme for Miki, Engineer, Romania

Occupation: Engineer
COUNTRY: Romania
STANDARD: Upper-Intermediate

Lesson 1

  • Introduction -aim of lesson 1
  • Induction and initial assessment
  • Talking about myself, my English learning requirements
  • Business English assessment
  • My job-responsibilities, use of English,(speaking ,listening, reading and writing)
  • Business vocabulary-domains
  • Objectives and Goal setting for course
  • Short review of lesson

Lesson 2

  • Warm-up -my week
  • General English initial assessment
  • My hobbies and interests, work and travel, holidays
  • Vocabulary-sports, activities, equipment
  • Cars and driving-vocabulary, telling a story about driving experiences (narrative tenses)
  • Short review of lesson

Lesson 3

  • Warm-up - Xmas traditions in Romania and the UK
  • Processes at work- describing a process - staff recruitment
  • Question words- question forming
  • Say/ask/tell meanings and structure
  • Describing the steel-making process 'make' and 'do' collocations exercise
  • Passives review- uses and structure
  • Short review of lesson

Lesson 4

  • Warm-up- discussion, my weekend, current projects
  • Assessment
  • Grammar Tests 3 and 4
  • Go through grammar tests Discussion points- modal verbs in the past, Phrasal verbs, long and short simultaneous actions as/while/when
  • Discussion about IELTS level and results of assessment, future lesson requirements (tutorial)

Lesson 5

  • Warm-Up discussion
  • My weekend
  • Modals lesson-matching modals with similar meanings or usage -using 'must have' to make deductions from a picture (describing a robbery scene)
  • Grammar review 'must' and 'have to' Past possibility with 'could have happened', 'might have happened'


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